The Good News

Dear friends,

As you can probably tell, we decided our 20th birthday was worth a little bit of celebration – as well as being a good opportunity to look back, and, more importantly, look forwards – bring on the next two decades and more!

And because one of the richest and most brilliant things about the last 20 years has been the number and nature of the people we’ve crossed paths with for all manner of reasons – whether we’ve worked for them, or they’ve worked for us, or because they’re part of a totally different organisation we’ve helped create – we wanted to make them part of our celebration too.

What on Earth Are We Doing?
Sir Anthony Seldon
Your Good Health
Julia Hobsbawn
Restoring The Bad
Stephen Bayley
Restoring the Good
Ali Parsa
The Power of Good
Joe Cerrell
The Big Five
Amanda Kamugisha
Back on the Front Foot
Matthew Gwyther
A Personal Journey
Oliver Spark
A Good Society
Robert Phillips
The Good News
Giles Gibbons
How Can You Tell?
Larissa Persons
Minding the Gap
David Halpern
Influential Friends
David Robinson
David Carter
Sport for Good
Bob Munro
Much More Than Simple Good Taste
Mark Linehan
For the Good of Others
Kushil Gunasekara
All Change?
Neil Ross Russell
Vive la Revolution
Vincent Nolan
The End of Good?
Nick Stanhope
Shapo Ka Yone
Ngozi Chukura
‘Our’ Good Business
Lydia Paris
Five Good Ideas
Lydia Paris
Thank You!
Giles Gibbons