Ethical dining at 30,000 ft

We all want to know a little bit more about where our food comes from, how it was produced and how healthy it is for us - trends that are gaining momentum. 

This is a heartening shift and one being driven by rising health issues like excess sugar in our diets, celebrity campaigning on issues like animal welfare and effective certification communications by organisations like Fairtrade. The challenge now is that food providers need to work harder than ever to anticipate customers’ evolving expectations and deliver against them.

With close to 10 million meals a year being served at 30,000 feet, Virgin Atlantic came to us for help on how best to stay ahead of the curve.

In partnership with our friends at Sustainable Restaurant Association, we developed a comprehensive sustainable food programme which aims to ensure all on-board food and drink is sourced fairly and sustainably and meets a set of criteria covering fair trade, sustainable fish, deforestation and animal welfare. This involved working with Virgin Atlantic’s caterers worldwide to help them work towards these sustainability criteria, provide a statement of assurance that they meet these standards, and confirm compliance through an annual audit.

So far, we’ve achieved some great results, such as working with Fairtrade India to set up the first Indian Fairtrade banana cooperative, switching to MSC certified fish across the Caribbean and introducing our Beijing and South African caterers to higher welfare pork and beef producers.

Fancy finding out a little bit more about just what we did? Check out Virgin Atlantic’s 'Change is in the Air' sustainability report.