Investing for tomorrow, today

It’s easy to get pigeon-holed if you’re a sustainable investment firm as there’s still the perception out there that sustainable equals compromised returns. ATI is not your typical sustainable investment firm. It has a distinctive, positively-focused approach that delivers superior performance but this was not always coming across externally. ATI wanted to find an effective way of telling its story that differentiated its product offering.

We worked with the team to develop a strong purpose, set of values and positive narrative that differentiates the business from its competitors and broadens its appeal to a wider audience, beyond the sustainable investment community. By speaking to stakeholders inside and outside the business we were able to identify the challenges facing ATI and the tensions that arise when trying to appeal to a number of different audiences at once. With these in mind, we redesigned ATI’s brand to exude confidence and created a set of tools to ensure that its new positive positioning is translated through all of its communications channels and that every interaction it has (be it in person or in print) conveys its purpose in a way that is tailored to, and resonates with, the audience in question.