One company, one purpose, one passion

How do you use the success of one brand to grow another? This was something the team at Belazu had been grappling with for a while. The Fresh Olive Company, their trade brand, has been bringing a taste of the Med to tables across the UK for over 20 years. Offering over 200 personally selected, authentic ingredients, it dominates the market with customers ranging from Pizza Express and Whole Foods to the Manoir Quatre Saison and Dabbous. If you’re in this world, you know The Fresh Olive Company. The consumer brand, BELAZU, on the other hand, has an equally loyal but much smaller following. It is a niche player in the premium retail market.

So the question was, how can we use the premium quality, great heritage and unrivalled customer base of The Fresh Olive Company to grow BELAZU? The answer, create a new brand that combines the best of both, The Belazu Ingredient Company. One brand, with one voice, that speaks to both chefs and home cooks.

For us, this was a no brainer. One of the defining features of the recent food revolution has been a blurring of the line between top chef and amateur cook and the emergence of a new group of food enthusiasts, the ‘foodies’. Be they professional or amateur, foodies are driven by a near obsession with food and, increasingly, with ingredients – finding the best is vital. So, creating one ingredient-led brand that speaks directly to foodies, no matter who they are, just made sense.

In 2015 we helped The Belazu Ingredient Company to develop its brand, from the set of principles that capture and express the distinctive way it does things, and has always done them, to the new logo and packaging that let the products sing (because after all, the ingredient is king).

But don’t just take our word for it, find out how they bring you the best, the unique, the small batch, the individual, at the Belazu website.