The high cost of doing nothing

Did you know that physical inactivity in Europe costs us over 80 billion Euros every year? That's more than the world spends on cancer drugs each year.

Neither did we until we worked with Cebr, the International Sport and Culture Association and Coca-Cola to write and launch a report on physical inactivity ticking time bomb. Acting as the hub in the process we helped develop the concept, secured the partners, managed the report writing process, developed the supporting infographics and facilitated the launch of the report in Brussels on 17th June 2015. 

The report's aim is to get the issue of physical inactivity further up the agenda in Europe amongst policy makers, but also amongst us all. With physical inactivity causes the deaths of over 500,000 Europeans each year, this is an issue that needs to be address. And as the report notes, the medicine is inherently free and available to everyone.

Click here to download the report or visit the microsite to see more about the report.