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80,000 hours
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80,000 hours

24 February, 2020

On average, we spend a staggering 80,000 hours at work throughout our careers. But how do we figure out what to do with them?

A nonprofit organization, aptly named, ‘80,000 hours’, exists to help you plan your career to solve the world’s most pressing problems, based on your personal strengths and situation.

Its resources include podcasts, a job board, and key articles – one of which provides advice on whether you should take a job with harmful impacts, in order to have positive impacts in other ways. For example, working in a factory farm, so that you could contribute towards increasing animal welfare. In its view, despite some arguments for this, the ends don’t justify the means – and we agree!

We believe that businesses should, fundamentally, operate with a conscience. Done well, this means that you shouldn’t be faced with this moral quandary in the first place. And when 64% of millennials wouldn’t take a job at a company that wasn’t socially responsible, businesses won’t have much choice when millennials will make up three-quarters of the workplace in six years’ time.

At Good Business, we’re proud to be using our hours to tackle some of the most urgent problems of our time, including inequality and climate change. Want to contribute towards your 80,000 hours by joining our team? We are currently looking for a Consultant to join us to help businesses be ambitious about having a positive impact. The deadline for applications is the 9th December – happy applying!

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