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Gemma Coate

Alright stop, collaborate and listen

4 February, 2021

The war on single-use plastics has taken a bit of a back-seat recently, as demand for face shields, masks, plastic gloves and plastic hand sanitiser bottles has surged. Conservationists have found that a lot of this plastic is ending up in our rivers and oceans, with hundreds of face masks washed up recently on an uninhabited island

Our friends at Ubuntoo have been working to connect innovators and industry leaders together, to scale up solutions that will reduce plastic waste, amongst other environmental challenges, such as food waste and sustainable fashion.  

The platform was founded by Peter and Venky, who both worked at The Coca-Cola Company for 19 years. While there, they experienced first-hand the difficulties of converting intent into action when it comes to sustainability; often due to a lack of awareness within a business of what is available in terms of innovation and solutions.  

Enter Ubuntoo, connecting innovators to big corporations in need of solutions. Take plastic (although the platform goes further than that): the platform has a plethora of different solutions, from OceanBound plastics who are converting ocean plastic waste into a recyclable plastic resin, to TrashBooms, a floating barrier, which stops waste from entering our oceans. These start-ups are ready and waiting, and now all they need is for a tech titan to support them in cleaning up our ‘Covid waste’. 

Ubuntoo is refreshingly user-friendly and accessible to everyone, regardless of their environmental challenges. We look forward to joining the community and supporting change where we can.   

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