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18 November, 2022

The last few weeks have been quite something for sport. We’ve had the Women’s Rugby World Cup, the Men and Women’s Rugby League World Cup, the Rugby League Wheelchair World Cup, the Men’s T20 World Cup and now, in a few days’ time, the Men’s Football World Cup.

As exciting as these events are, the power and impact of sport reaches well beyond these pinnacles of excellence. At Good Business we have always believed that the sport sector, and those that invest in it, have a responsibility and a desire to enable the world to benefit from all the amazing attributes and impacts that sport provides.

Unfortunately, all too often these positives are lost amongst the negative stories that dog sport, from the choices of big event hosting nations and doping scandals, to empty stadiums and fan violence.

That is why we are so pleased to see the second edition of the Laureus Sport for Good Index. An Index that is designed to shine a light on those organisations that are having the clearest and most meaningful impact on sport, celebrating their successes and learnings, and providing compelling evidence for the role that sport can play in driving sustainable change, be that societal or environmental.

The Index celebrates those brands that, through collaboration, innovation and creativity, are making significant contributions across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as laid out by the United Nations. Featuring leadership from big global brands like Adidas and Microsoft to more local and niche brands such as Allbirds and Ecotricity, it has some amazing inspirational examples for us all.

The Index may not contain all the answers for the myriad of issues facing the sporting world, but it does remind us of the great power sport has to change the world.

By David Lourie

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