Certified B Corporation Badge


B more Craftory

24 April, 2020

The need for transformational change within businesses has never been greater, so we were pleased to see our friends at The Craftory achieve B-Corp status this month.

The Craftory (full disclosure, Giles sits on its advisory board) is a venture capital fund with a difference, funding mission driven consumer brands that positively impact the categories they serve, society and the planet. Co-founded by Elio Leoni Sceti, the Craftory employs a team that puts purpose at the heart of their company and that champions cause capitalism ‘doing well and doing good’. They firmly believe that the most successful brands of the future will be those that positively disrupt the current status quo. ‘The Challenger Revolution’ lists the criteria for investment-worthy companies, such as those that pioneer radical change, positive disruption and authenticity. B Corp certification for the Craftory means holding themselves to the same standards as their investments, focusing on radical transparency in governance processes; environmental, community and workforce policies; and value delivered to their customers.   

For truly transformational change to happen, sustainability (in all its forms) needs to be baked right across the value chain: from suppliers to corporates, brands to investors. The Craftory goes one step further, taking the lead for the investment community by holding sustainability and positive change at their front door.  

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