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31 March, 2023

When you think of a typical B Corp, you may think of the B Corp certified brands that make it onto your shopping list (beer, tea bags, cereal, snacks…), or sustainability consultancies (like us!). But this week – the final week of B Corp Month – we want to draw attention to the world of B2B B Corps, and give a shout out to our friends, partners, suppliers and clients who provide business services driven by purpose, meaning you can live and breathe in a B Corp ecosystem every day at work.

If you’re looking for an office space, we direct you to FORE Partnership, a real estate firm with a mission to transform the built environment into a low-carbon, sustainable one. They do this through investments that recycle, repurpose and convert buildings into future-proofed buildings and spaces. If the next step is finding employees, then you can head over to Escape the City, a forum for employers and job seekers in the impact-led world, featuring job postings, resources and courses that help people find jobs that matter to them, or Society who will find that board member or C Suite leader for your sustainable business. The Craftory – a global investor that invests in responsible brands – may provide you with investment to scale. You can heat your building through Octopus, who provide heat-pumps which use 4x less energy than a boiler, while beating the average cost, clean it using Delphis eco-cleaning products which save you money, waste and carbon emissions, and pay for it all using your banking services provided by C Hoare & Co or Coutts.  And when you have all this sorted, but your laptop just isn’t turning on, then we direct you to our loyal IT service provider Fluid IT . We’ve worked with Fluid for over 15 years, and they were one of the first certified B Corps in the UK.

As the B Corp universe expands, make the B Corp directory your first port of call when thinking about those essential business services. With over 6000 companies in more than 80 countries, chances are you’ll find a partner there who shares your values and will help you scale your impact, fast.

By Rosie Serlin


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