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Bag yourself a bargain

25 March, 2022

As March draws to a close, here’s the final instalment of our B-Corp month-themed Goods slot. This week, we’re highlighting a B-Corp of particular interest to parents whose children’s birthdays are coming up. The Paper Party Bag Shop is a one-stop shop for plastic-free, eco-friendly party bags and party bag fillers, providing thoughtful party favours that won’t end up in land fill or the ocean.

It was launched by Liz after she struggled to find plastic-free party bag fillers for her daughter’s fifth birthday party. The Paper Party Bag Shop has never used plastic in its toys, and only uses suppliers who share their values, meaning no plastic in the supply chain either. Toys are packaged in clear bags made in the UK from annually renewable bioplastic derived from organic starches (e.g. corn starch), which is fully biodegradable and compostable. Products are made in the UK, and the majority of materials are sourced from the UK too, keeping their carbon footprint low.

We love the simple, modern and gender-neutral design of their party bags, where the focus is on toys that encourage creative play. Given the stellar sustainability credentials, prices are impressive – you can buy a pre-packed party bag for £6, or buy individual party bag elements, which start from £1.20.

If you’re looking for sustainable party bags, you’d struggle to beat The Paper Party Bag Shop. They are also clearly a company who put their values at the heart of everything they do – for the month of March, all profits from items sold will be going to Save the Children’s Ukraine appeal, so why not check them out?

By Miriam Shovel

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