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7 January, 2021

We pressed ‘pause’ on many aspects of normal life in 2020, as we came to grips with how to adapt to life amidst a pandemic. But the most pressing social and environmental issues didn’t go away. In fact, many – from access to education to gender equality to plastic pollution – were only exacerbated, and we are running out of time to act. 

We now have less than a decade to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. And with the pandemic giving us an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild in a more sustainable way, this could be the year that changes everything.  

For businesses, this means really stepping up how they interact with the world. Whether it’s ensuring their products and services are truly representative of their consumers, supporting the communities they operate in, or committing to net zero.

This Sunday, the UN is hosting a live event on UN Web TV – ‘We the Peoples: in Conversation with Secretary General, Antonio Guterres’ to explore how to get there. It will involve civil society and activists, and discuss the actions we all need to take in 2021 and beyond to stay on track to achieve the global goals.  

So tune in for inspiration and to be part of the conversation this weekend, as we embark on the year ahead. And, as always, for more help and inspiration on how to transform your business for the good of people and the planet, you know where to find us.

By Cara McEvoy

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