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Bean there, done that?

20 August, 2020

Banana peel. Apple pips. Cauliflower leaves. No, these are not the contents of your compost bin. It’s your latest snack…  

That’s according to our friends at Hubbub, who have spent the lockdown period sharing tips to help more of us #livesavvy by establishing healthier, more planet-friendly habits.

In its latest waste-busting wizardry, the team has revealed five unexpectedly edible foods that often end up in landfill. From up-cycling your banana peel into an a-peeling (sorry) caffeine-free beverage to roasting your cauliflower leaves as a delicious kale alternative, there’s no end of pithy tips to turn waste into taste!

And it’s not just good for the planet. Kiwi skins contain triple the fibre of the flesh, whilst the squash or pumpkin seeds we often bin are a great source of healthy fats. Even the Good Business team have jumped on the bandwagon: from whipping up a rogue but delicious banana peel pulled pork sandwich to transforming surplus orange peel into chocolate treats.

With behaviour change research suggesting that we are more likely to usefully adopt new habits during periods of disruption and change, there’s never been a better time to rethink what you’re throwing away. Melon rind pickle, anyone?

By Sarah Howden

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