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Better together

7 October, 2022

We’ve always been excited by the opportunity that partnership brings, and are firm believers that sometimes, we’re better together.  

As a specialist consultancy, we are good (we believe!) at what we do, and we are good at knowing when to work with others to maximise the value and impact we can deliver for our clients. That’s why we really excited by our new partnership with our friends at House 337, which will deliver innovative sustainability solutions through applied creativity to help leaders transform their businesses for the good of consumers, communities and employees, as well as for shareholders. We’ll be using a flexible diagnostic tool that allows businesses to measure their social, commercial and environmental performance across 16 key priority areas, leading to a more effective use of resources to deliver change in a way that represents the needs and expectations of all stakeholder groups.

What is so exciting about the partnership is the opportunity to make use of House 337’s advertising, communications and brand consultancy expertise and integrate that with our understanding of the social and environmental space. Transformational change happens when all parts of an organisation come together to find a progressive path forward, from strategy and operations to brand and communications.

It’s at the heart of what we have always believed – what is good for the world is good for business. And what’s good for your business can be good for the world as well.

You can find out more about House 337 here. To learn more, contact Giles or Larissa.

By Claire Jost

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