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Changemakers assemble

24 September, 2021

Al Gore, Paul Polman, and Salil Shetty walk into a London bar…. Welcome to the Conduit Club.

Last week, the Conduit Club flung open its doors once again having been yet another victim of Covid-19-related closures last year.

Whilst membership does come with a price tag, this isn’t your typical private members club. The Conduit was founded in 2018 on the belief that community and cross-sector collaboration are key to accelerating solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. It is a melting pot for thinkers, makers and believers. Civil society leaders can rub shoulders with policymakers, and activists can sip tea with million-pound investors.

The Conduit’s return could not come at a more important time. From the recent events in Afghanistan, to the climate crisis laid bare in the recent IPCC report, to the continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inequality – we are facing in to a world riven with complex challenges of the highest order.

As the founder, human rights lawyer Paul Van Zyl asserts, “The pandemic has made purpose and social change ten times more relevant than ever… If you look back at history, times of crisis catalyse a golden era of entrepreneurship because there’s something irreducibly human in wanting to solve problems.”

So want to collaborate with visionaries and leaders? To make the most of the fact that we can now get together in places where accidental chance encounters happen and create new connections for change?  Join, get involved, and see you at the bar.

By Alice Railton

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