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22 April, 2022

It’s the 22nd of April, which is Earth Day. A day set to promote environmental change through ‘civic engagement’. But hold on – how can one day of devotion inspire environmental protection at such a large scale?

Our friends at Force for Nature have come up with a purpose-driven movement which launches today: The Pod. The Pod is a social media management tool for individuals and businesses to support action and protect nature. By downloading the app (IOS or Android) you work towards becoming a Citizen Ranger.

The aim is to sync The Pod with your social media channels and share conservation campaigns far and wide. The Pod will spur constant engagement with meaningful campaigns that mainly supports wildlife rangers. Dubbed ‘Earth’s health service’, they play a heroic role in the protection of nature and their impact seeks to be sustained and magnified.

The Pod takes campaigning for conservation to another level. Using the power of social media, the platform has the potential to activate a collective force for protection. Perhaps businesses can take a leaf out of its book too, supporting campaigns through customer engagement and heightened social media presence.

The Pod’s release on Earth Day is apt, but we should take it as an opportunity to become long-term Citizen Rangers. Inform your peers, build voices, and turn words to action on The Pod.

By Bertie Bateman

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