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Climate Creatives Challenge

15 July, 2022

How do you communicate about the climate emergency in a way that makes people listen? 

It’s a question we think about a lot at Good Business. And we’re not alone. In a noisy world, finding new ways to talk about the impacts of climate change – and the benefits of taking action – is essential for reaching new audiences and keeping supporters from switching off.  

So we’re excited to see that our friends at the Environmental Design Studio, together with a team of climate thinkers and creatives, have launched a new initiative to do just that. The Climate Creatives Challenge is a series of design competitions that aim to support new approaches for communicating climate impacts and the benefits of mitigation, adaptation and resilience.  

Competitions are open to people of all disciplines and creative backgrounds, including architects, filmmakers, engineers, musicians and scientists. The inaugural challenge was launched in July, and asks for innovative submissions that help to “communicate the impacts of flooding (past, present or future) and the benefits of adaptation and resilience”. 

Entries can be in a wide range of different formats, including photos, videos, sculpture, illustration, audio, poetry or prose. It’s free to enter, and there’s a £1000 prize for the winner. So if you’re a creative thinker who can help communicate climate change in new ways, what are you waiting for? 

By Sarah Howden

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