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Disco dough

3 May, 2024

Looking for your next regenerative snack? Then you’re in luck. This week, our friends at Wildfarmed launched their ‘life changing’ bread range in Waitrose. Wildfarmed is a regenerative food and farming company, founded by a game show host, a member of 90s band Groove Armada and a businessman from Sunrise Brokers. Together this unlikely and eclectic trio created a new marketplace for farmers and consumers that rewards high quality crops, soil fertility and biodiversity. 

According to Wildfarmed, “the bread aisle sits at the centre of an environmental storm”. Decades of intensive chemical farming have led to a wildlife decline, degraded soils and a public health crisis, with half of UK bread containing two or more pesticides linked to health issues. To tackle this, Wildfarmed works with over 100 farmers in the UK and France to produce wheat grown in line with the third-party audited Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards, rewarding quality not quantity. This involves growing crops alongside companion plants, integrating livestock and cutting out pesticides, all while paying farmers a fair price. Wildfarmed’s regenerative flour has been used by artisan bakers and well-known brands including Higgidy, Ask Italian and Wahaca, but its launch in Waitrose is the first time that Wildfarmed has appeared as a consumer-facing brand in its own right.  

We think Wildfarmed is an exciting new addition to an otherwise stale bread aisle. It’s bright, eye-catching, and – as proudly described by one of the co-founders – it’s the only bread with a disco ball on it. 

So, next time you’re wandering the aisles of Waitrose, don’t settle for the same old slice. Pick up a loaf of Wildfarmed’s latest ‘life changing’ range. Your taste buds – and the planet – will thank you. 

By Charlotte Pounder

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