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Do It (for) Yourself and the planet

2 December, 2022

Having the skills to DIY those little (and big) jobs around the house can not only save you cash but can also help the planet. Most of us can admit that we are not as handy as we would like to be. Successfully repairing a broken lamp or leaking pipe ourselves seems to be an impossible task, one only for a professional. That’s where How To Basically comes to the rescue. This small team of handy people are teaching basic life skills and DIY hacks which can be applied in everyday life. Whether it’s learning to use a power drill, gardening skills, painting or even changing a car tyre, How To Basically has you covered.

How to Basically holds classes in Sussex which can be booked online here. Their classes are educational, enjoyable and empowering. Their philosophy is based on the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle and repair with the goal of teaching people basic skills which will fit into busy, modern lives. Learning these skills will reduce reliance on expensive call out fees and prevent throw-away culture when things break which can help you move towards a more sustainable way of living by reducing waste in landfill.

These DIY experts will be running pop-up workshops in Covent Garden on 8th and 15th  December. The classes are around 2-3 hours and covering power drill, plumbing and gardening and will cost you £40 to join. What are you waiting for?

By Ashleigh Werner

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