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Everything under the sun

22 July, 2022

We live in a world of choice, endless options on what to watch, eat and wear. We’re taught that the greater the choice, the better and have come to expect that when we shop. However, does there come a point when providing choice does more harm than good?

Boots seems to think so. They recently announced that they will stop producing Soltan, their own brand suncream, with a protection level lower than SPF50 for children and SPF15 for adults. In conjunction with Macmillan Cancer Support, Boots want to support their customers to protect themselves from the sun and lower the risk of developing skin cancer. Rather than trying to encourage their customers to make the right choice, the choice is removed all together.

Education and persuasion can only go so far, and choice editing can be a powerful tool for retailers to support consumers in responsible purchasing. It’s also a way for these businesses to act on their commitments and create real change in the communities they serve. Yet this isn’t a mechanism to use lightly, (as we’ve written before) Boots is a trusted source of healthcare information, so this decision naturally aligns with their overall purpose and values. Consumer choice has become engrained in our shopping habits but retailers should build a different kind of relationship with their customers, one that leaves them safe in the knowledge that fewer options mean better options.

By Jessie Smith

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