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Mathias Jensen

First order responsibility

20 March, 2020

Never has the concept of business responsibility been more on the front line than now. The way in which businesses respond to this crisis will define them in people’s minds – and will forge their reputation when we come out the other side of all this.

How they manage the fall out for employees, suppliers and all their other stakeholders. Whether and how they use their brands, skills and resources to help in any way they substantively can. The tone they strike and the degree to which they preserve their humanity in the face of adversity. The extent to which social costs are weighed up in the decision-making, as well as the economic ones. These are the things businesses must grapple with as they develop and calibrate their responses. We all need the voice of responsibility to be at the table.

Many of these decisions will be incredibly hard to take. The conversations we’ve been having with our clients attest to the agonising complexity, which so many face. We’re also seeing many businesses begin to show a way forward – demonstrating leadership, and providing inspiration and ideas for ways to navigate this crisis. We’ve showcased a few of these in the stories below – do let us know if you come across others. And if a conversation would help as you grapple with the new uncertainties, please get in touch. We are here, determined to help our partners and friends find the path that will help us all travel forwards.

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