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Friday distraction anyone?

29 April, 2022

You are the global minister for future generations. How will you cut emissions to zero and keep temperatures below 1.5C?

Find out through ‘The Climate Game’, a new project from The Financial Times in partnership with IEA and Infosys. You make decisions on policies, targets and technologies, and see what this means for the global temperature by 2050. It’s obviously very simplified, but it’s still based in the science and brings to life a process that can often seem abstract and dizzyingly complex.

The narrative further places the player within our reality, whether it be how to win over public opinion in the midst of soaring electricity bills, or a president coming to power who supports slash-and-burn policies.

Whilst there have been games about climate change before, most have not reached further than the already environmentally conscious audience. That this game is from the Financial Times is significant. Their readership includes the most influential people in business and politics, the big decision makers. There is the opportunity here to build an understanding amongst those with the roles and resources to really make a difference to fighting climate change. The game speaks their language, as you consult advisors, consider investment options, effect policy change, and adapt business practices.

That said, this game is accessible and quick to appeal to a much wider audience too. It helps players understand the effort needed to cut emissions, which requires changes in every sector of the economy and in the way we live. So, take some Friday procrastination with a difference and see if you can get the world to net zero.

By Alice Railton

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