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10 May, 2024

This week we wanted to draw attention to an important event being held by the good people at the Relationship Project, which, as regular Friday 5 readers will know, seeks to build a better society through fostering better relationships. And anyone working in the sustainability world will recognise the importance of relationships – sustainable change requires building strong and resilient relationships that generate collaborative solutions that will move us forward.

The Relationship Project team are turning their attention to “changing our permissions”. These permissions referred to are for those non-existent conventions, conventions which are barriers to building relationships, such as “don’t talk to strangers”. While there is no “real rule” about not doing this, we still feel we need permission to do so. Permissions can be as simple as snow. When it snows in the UK, rules relax, and anyone can talk to anyone. The same principle applies in a workplace or community context. How often are you held back from helping someone through fear of the first step, putting forward an idea at work because you don’t have an “in” to a conversation? We are limited by “rules” which maybe it’s time that we challenged, to ultimately create a more empathetic, innovative society.

If you are interested in learning more, moving the conversation forward and exploring real, hidden and imagined rules, and finding out how to change your permissions to create better and more meaningful relationships, the upcoming Relationship Project event on 12th July at The Button Factory Birmingham is for you. To find out more and RSVP, go the event link here.

By Anna Heis

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