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Get rewarded for doing nothing

17 June, 2022

No one enjoys shopping for car insurance – it’s expensive, its complicated, and after a few years of staying at home, some must have wondered, “is it even worth it?”. But as we don’t have a choice if we have a car, this week on the goods we’re highlighting a new option that we love.

VitalityCar is designed in the same way as the Vitality health programme. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the programme uses behaviour change science to incentivise members to lead healthier lifestyles. The healthier members are, the more rewards they benefit from. The logic behind these benefits and rewards is the Shared Value model: the healthier you are, the better for Vitality (fewer claims), and the better for society (healthier people).

VitalityCar takes this one step further: not only do you earn points if you drive safely – which tends to mean using less fuel and hence fewer carbon emissions – you accrue points even if you don’t drive at all! Again, if you don’t drive, there is no risk of having an accident (good for Vitality and society) and fewer emissions in the air (good for society).

So if you need to renew your car insurance soon, why not head over to Vitality to see what sorts of rewards and benefits you could receive?

By Marie Guérinet


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