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20 May, 2021

We love seeing examples of businesses practising what they preach, and Berghaus is no exception. 

This week, our friend Tim over at Pooky Lighting shared a great example of responsible business in action when he sent back his coat to Berghaus to be repaired. After sending the coat to Berghaus, he received it back good as new just two days later, straight to his door.  

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “I think it’s gold standard for corporate responsibility. And it’s being run incredibly efficiently too. Coat mended in a day and sent back the next.”

We’ve talked before about how product repairs can be an effective way to reduce over-consumption and prevent defaulting to buying new – it’s the most efficient and environmentally friendly version of the circular economy we can think of. And Berghaus is getting ahead of the game, with the “right to repair” law coming into force this year.  

When companies do offer repair services, time taken to repair and the associated cost can be the main barriers. So, the speedy two-day turnaround from Berghaus is a great example of the importance of making it easy for the consumer to prolong the life of their products.  

And with the seemingly never-ending rain, we can see why Tim was so delighted to be reunited with his good-as-new coat so quickly.  

By Cara McEvoy

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