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Good TV Club: ‘I May Destroy You’

3 September, 2020

It’s that time of the year again: that’s right, it’s Secondhand September! And off the back of her acclaimed series I May Destroy You, who better to be Oxfam’s ambassador of not buying new than Michaela Coel? 

With her name in the spotlight, I May Destroy You (available on BBC iPlayer) is worth a mention. So, without further ado, the Good TV Club is back for another instalment to highlight this TV gem.   

This is not a ‘feel good’ series if you want to switch-off from the bleaker aspects of 2020. This is an eye-opening account that tells important individual stories and explores the nuanced spectrum of sexual assault, which is often seen as black and white – from the undeniable (and graphic) to the confusing and manipulative. What is uplifting, however, is the exploration of talking about mental health, seeking help, and watching a character find herself again through the process of recovery.   

The funnier light-hearted moments shine a light on important aspects of life from true friendships to normalising contraception and periods in a way that we’ve never seen before on TV. It explores racial identity, sexual orientation and personal challenges that are unique to each individual experiencing them, whilst giving us an understanding of wider systemic issues.  

It is an emotional and disturbing watch but covers an array of important themes in such a bold way, and from a Black British perspective that is rarely given the spotlight. If you are looking to find a fantastically done show full of societal commentary, and to learn more about these themes, (provided you can endure the darker aspects like sexual assault), this should not be missed and goes up there as ‘Good’ TV! 

By Cara McEvoy

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