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Goods: ActionFunder

18 November, 2022

ActionFunder helps businesses do good, locally.

When it comes to community building, it’s important to think local. If you want to have a positive societal impact as a business, the place you live or work can be a great place to start.

ActionFunder is a multi-award-winning B Corp with 15+ years’ experience in connecting businesses and foundations with local communities; enabling them to achieve incredible things and often tackling problems that bigger charities cannot.

ActionFunder’s brilliantly simple platform allows businesses to easily find and support community projects across the UK. Uniquely, it also provides businesses with the opportunity to start funds for specific community causes and gives smaller charities and community organisations the opportunity to apply for grant funding to complete these projects.

It’s a high-impact, low-cost, fast, and transparent way for businesses to put money directly into the grassroots of society, then track and celebrate the impact.

By Budd Nicholson

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