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Ice cream, you scream

22 July, 2022

With temperatures soaring to record breaking heights in the UK this week, we’re giving you a roundup of some ‘Good’ frozen treats.

We couldn’t do this piece without mentioning Ben & Jerry’s. For all the criticism and controversies – it’s the best known (the only?) ice cream with a conscience, with a long and distinguished history of environmental and social activism. From its support for Rock the Vote to action against drilling in the Arctic and campaigning for an end to immigration detention, they can’t be accused of ignoring the causes that matter to them. It can feel a little scattergun at times but the ice cream is undeniably delicious and their heart is in the right place. They have a new café in Soho so let us know if you’re in the area and we’ll buy you a cone!

Then, family-owned Scottish ice cream brand Mackie’s is taking innovative steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their products, such as generating their own renewable energy to power the business, locally producing their own packaging to reduce carbon from transport miles, and installing an innovative refrigeration plant to reduce energy use and emissions. We like the fact that Mackie’s is widely available in most supermarkets and is competitively priced. Proof that values don’t have to cost the earth.

And for those of you who avoid dairy, choose Booja Booja, a small Norfolk-based brand making delicious vegan ice cream with simple, natural, ethically sourced ingredients, while also using their business to support declining artistic industries in Kashmir by working with artists to produce their packaging.

Stay cool, Friday 5 readers, and have a good weekend.

By Lucy Bell

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