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If the shoe fits

27 August, 2021

Many of us rely on a coffee to get us up in the morning. But did you know that the world sends six million tons of coffee waste to landfill every year?

In fact, food waste accounts for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, whereas plastic waste is responsible for 10%-13%. But what if the solution to these problems lay in an unexpected place: on your feet?

Let us introduce to you Rens coffee-based trainers: the shoe that puts your everyday drinks to good use. Every pair of Rens is made from 150 grams of coffee waste, and six recycled plastic bottles. They are composed of an upper part, made up of recycled coffee grounds and plastic, and have a removable insole, which is covered with a fully recycled polyester sock liner.

At first glance, it’s a bit of a strange idea to get your head around. So, does using recycled coffee have benefits beyond sustainability? Well, yes! The (coffee grounds) material installed is naturally antibacterial, odour-resistant, offers protection from UV radiation and dries twice as fast as conventional polyester. And if you’re concerned about water turning the coffee grounds back into a beverage, no need to fear – they come with a recycled waterproof membrane to keep your feet safe from the rain.

Waterproof, odour-free and planet-saving sounds like a triple win to us. Maybe it’s time for more shoe companies to wake up and smell the coffee.

By Rasheed Eyitayo-Olonade

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