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Kicking off B-Corp Month

4 March, 2022

We’re proud to be a certified  B-Corp, alongside some of the most environmentally and socially conscious brands in the world.

March is B-Corp month, and throughout this month we will be using The Goods to champion some of our fellow B-Corps.

All B-Corps are verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability – measuring the company’s impact across its workers, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment. Whilst it’s clear that certification isn’t everything, it’s a great way to know that a brand is actively trying to improve its impact on the world and its people.

We thought we’d start the month off by showing some interesting ways to support B-Corps, and find some cool new brands, knowing that they are certified good companies.

First, a pop-up B-Corp store, called Good News, in Soho, is showcasing products from over 100 UK B-Corps. The interesting part? No products will be sold at the store, shifting the emphasis from profit to purpose – so make sure to leave your wallet or purse at home! Better still, all the products in the store will be donated to the Felix Project at the end of the month.

Our friends at the Social Supermarket, who we have mentioned before, have launched an online B-Corp aisle, allowing you to shop B-Corp only brands, as well as features that allow you to shop by brands that repurpose materials or those that are female-led. They’ve even put together a B Corp Celebration Gift Box!

The high street brands are getting involved too – Waitrose is hosting a B-Corp section in some of its stores, and has a permanent online B-Corp aisle (recently joined by Ocado with this permanent feature).

Keep your eyes peeled for more B-Corp shoutouts this month. And, if you’d like your B-Corp certified company to be featured in Friday 5 this month, or if you have any questions about becoming a B-Corp and what the process entails, get in touch!

By Budd Nicholson

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