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28 January, 2022

There’s no shortage of ridiculous products when it comes to the world of sustainable luxury goods.  

This week, one in particular caught our eye: the Groundfridge, a reimagined version of a traditional root cellar which keeps food cool by storing it underground. Designed for “cosmopolitans who lead modern, self-providing lives” the Groundfridge could be yours for a mere €14,000.  

It’s easy to laugh luxury sustainable goods off as absurd. And, in truth, their price tags are. But perhaps there’s something to be said for the role they could play in making sustainability mainstream.  

By positioning the root cellar (hardly the most glamorous of concepts) as desirable, modern, and functional, Groundfridge is helping the world reimagine what it means to be sustainable. And just as clothing trends trickle down from high fashion to high streets, sustainable products designed for the ultra-rich could ultimately end up in the shops frequented by us common folk. Electric vehicles are a great example of this – once the preserve of a wealthy few, Tesla are now working towards a more affordable version of their electric offering.  

We won’t be splurging on a very expensive hole in the ground to keep our potatoes cool any time soon. But we will be watching to see whether products like Groundfridge can be normalised, adapted, and scaled up to reach households around the world. 

By Louise Podmore

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