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London Climate Action Week

7 June, 2024

The biggest city-wide climate festival in Europe, London Climate Action Week (LCAW) 2024 is back. LCAW is about getting everyone—policymakers, businesses, community groups, and individuals—involved in making a difference.

The agenda is a chance for people to come together, share ideas, and find new ways to tackle climate change. There are interactive workshops, panel discussions, and community projects where you can meet others who care about change and figure out how we can drive the action we need.

There are some stand out events which particularly interested us. If you’re interested in business and nature (and you should be!) Howden is hosting a panel discussion and workshop exploring business impacts and dependencies on nature, with chief sustainability officers and insurance managers discussing nature-related risks and how businesses can manage those risks and opportunities while keeping up with regulations. If you can’t get to London, our friends at the Carbon Trust are hosting a webinar on “Navigating the Net Zero Transition for Cities and Regions”, part of a four-part series offering insights on actionable steps that cities and regions can take to speed up their journey towards net zero.  And finally, the Transition Plan Taskforce, Giki, and Race to Zero will chair a roundtable discussion bringing together specialists to raise awareness among London and UK-based businesses about the importance and benefits of transition plans in achieving net zero.

The full list of events can be found here, and there’s something for everyone. As with so many of these events, the real power of LCAW will be in the conversations and connections it sparks; it’s these collaborative opportunities that lead to real, impactful actions.

By Bertie Bateman

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