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Natural Knickers

13 May, 2022

We’ll admit it – we’ve got a thing for seaweed. Whether it’s takeaway packaging, climate science, or sustainable food (for both humans and cows), it seems there’s nothing this multicellular, marine algae can’t do. And if this week’s Goods is anything to go by, we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

Allow us to introduce Alexander Clementine, the brand turning seaweed fibres into the softest, silkiest fabric for the place you need it most – your knickers. Made of a blend of seaweed and woodpulp, Alexander Clementine’s unique fabric uses up to 97% less water to create than cotton and is markedly softer. It’s also breathable, naturally antibacterial, anti-odour and moisture wicking (we told you, seaweed can do it all), making it the perfect option for underwear.

The importance of finding cotton alternatives can’t be overstated. Approximately half of all textiles are made of cotton, the production of which requires the intensive use of agrochemicals and water. Solutions like Alexander Clementine’s sustainable harvesting of seaweed and closed-loop production process are exactly the kind of innovation we need for a sustainable textiles industry. To us, that makes these unmentionables worth mentioning.

By Louise Podmore


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