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O Christmas tree

10 December, 2021

Twinkling lights, bustling shops, Pret sandwiches: the signs of Christmas are well and truly here. Among these, no festive feature is quite as emblematic of the holidays as the humble Christmas tree – and no topic is quite so divisive as the debate of real vs fake.

Of increasing importance to the conversation is the question of which option has a lower carbon impact. And as with all climate questions the answer is complicated, depending on how your real tree is grown and disposed of and how many years a fake tree is used for. All that said, according to the Carbon Trust, ultimately fake trees come out on top, provided they’re used over multiple years.

But what about alternative options? From renting potted trees to DIY options, there are a whole host of eco-friendly ideas for those wanting to, ahem, branch out. Or go one better and celebrate by planting and decorating a real tree in your garden, if you have one. If you’re based in Wales, the government will even give you one for free, as part of a new initiative to engage people in the fight against climate change.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and to give back to those we love. So, as you’re decking the halls this year, it’s worth thinking about what gift you’re giving the planet.

By Louise Podmore

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