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One small step

19 November, 2021

 Many of us will have used a carbon footprint calculator to try and make sense of our environmental impact. However, once you receive the result it’s often difficult to know what steps to take next, beyond the obvious.

The team at Giki have come up with a solution. Their tool Giki Zero helps individuals to not only calculate but also track and reduce their environmental footprint. The calculator draws on a range of data points, from food waste to the financial services you use, to calculate a highly detailed score while also drawing awareness to areas that many don’t immediately connect to their carbon footprint. Flying less will make a big difference but have you ever thought the environmental impact of your pet dog?

Once you have your footprint calculation the platform will then suggest different steps you can take to reduce it. Barriers to action often come from identifying and committing to action within one’s day to day life. Yet features such as personalisation, prioritisation and gamification make the ki platform accessible and engaging.

Users are able to filter tasks according to whether they are a ‘Big impact’ that may take greater time or commitment such as draught proofing your house or ‘Quick wins’ like using lids while cooking. Steps explain not just environmental but also personal benefits and users gain badges and can participate in leader boards.

We know that environmental concern alone is rarely enough to change behaviour so Giki Zero could go a long way in motivating action and importantly, increasing the likelihood that these sustainable habits will stick.

By Jessie Smith

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