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Purpose at Play

18 February, 2022

Who doesn’t love LEGO? The nostalgic colours, the irresistibly catchy movie theme song, the decision to create miniature replicas of all five presenters of Queer Eye…

But now the Danish company has given us another reason to adore them. LEGO is donating model MRI scanners to hospital radiology departments to reassure children going for treatment. The LEGO scanners open up to reveal internal machinery, helping medical staff explain the process to children and turn a scary experience into a playful one.

At Good Business, we’ve long been believers in harnessing the power of brands for social good. This example shows why. Instead of just making a financial donation, LEGO is using its unique strengths – creating warm, playful experiences for children – to address a real societal challenge: the fears of a child facing an unknown medical procedure.

This is a perfect example of purpose done well. By helping children to take on new experiences bravely, LEGO is living its mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. Yet again, the company is showing how, when you put purpose at the heart of a business, everything else clicks into place.

By Sarah Howden

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