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Put your money where your mouth is

23 October, 2020

Our friends at the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) have backed calls this week from hospitality workers for more support as we enter what is going to be an undoubtedly tough winter for the sector. 

After a difficult year, and with more pain ahead as restrictions tighten, the hospitality sector has been disproportionately affected as an industry by the pandemic. Whilst government schemes this year helped to support them during the first wave, with the recently re-heightened restrictions, the hospitality sector has been put back to square one with the uncertainty and lack of support. That’s why it was great to see the SRA team making their voices heard among workers in support of the sector.

The Chancellor’s announcement yesterday improved support for businesses that haven’t been forced to shut but which still need the help to keep them afloat as demand drops. This is a huge relief for these businesses up and down the country, and the hospitality sector in particular, as we head into the winter.

This is by no means a silver bullet, however, and businesses will still have to rely on other ways of surviving the coming months. This is where we can all help out. Any support you can give to your favourite local restaurants, bars and cafes will be much needed. The sector has worked hard to provide safe environments to continue to enjoy a meal or a drink out. And with only 3% of Covid cases coming from hospitality, this is certainly a persuasive argument for doing your bit safely and in ways that you are comfortable with. So why not have your lunch or dinner out to keep your favourite places going? For those of in tier 2, wrap up well and meet a friend outside for a coffee or pizza, instead of another Zoom call. And if you find yourself in tier 3, then takeaway is always a good option.

By Cara McEvoy

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