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Round up of the year
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Round-up of the year

24 February, 2020

It’s been quite a year, with some ups and some downs, and a whole lot of uncertainty in the middle. Putting that to one side, what strikes us is a significant and pervasive attitudinal shift towards so many of the big and difficult issues that we face. And when attitudes shift, sustained and meaningful change follows. We’re encouraged, as always, by the commitment, energy and passion of our clients, and the belief – which we share – that change is both necessary and possible.

We do believe, as we look forward, that there is an opportunity and an imperative as we enter the next decade to commit to truly inspirational and radical change and that, in so doing, we’ll be able to create a more equal, climate-friendly future. That belief is what gets us up and out of bed in the morning, and what keeps us going. We’re looking forward to 2020, and want to thank all our clients, our friends and our partners for your help, support and challenge. We wish you a very happy Christmas, and here’s to a transformative 2020 and our final Friday 5 of the year!

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