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Safe or sustainable does not have to be a choice

31 July, 2020

As we reach the end of Plastic Free July, an article by Giles on the subject of single-use plastic in the era of COVID-19 recovery has been featured on the blog of our friends at The PHA Group.  

The piece focuses on the safety and sustainability decisions that companies are being faced with as we transition out of lockdown. For many, these decisions will be presented as a binary: the safety of single-use plastics and additional waste verses the risk of reusable and sustainable solutions. But Giles argues that, with creativity and innovative thinking, this does not need to be an either/or decision. 

Beyond the links to COVID-19 and Plastic Free July, the article – part of a mini-series from PHA collaborators – also comes at a prescient time, because of a recent hard-hitting report from Pew Charitable Trusts and SYSTEMIQ. Their study, released last week, reports that plastic waste entering the oceans will triple in 20 years and that our recent efforts in plastic reduction will only reduce the volume by 7%. More must be done to shift the world towards a circular economy, reduce consumption of resources and find new and inspiring ways for businesses to deliver their products and services to their customers.  

Read Giles’ article here

By Ben Wood

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