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Sitting soft?

28 January, 2022

Are you surprised that Brits spend an average of forty-four days perched on the sofa every year? As relaxing as it is to laze about and binge-watch box-sets, we can’t say the same about shopping for the right settee. But, behold: Habbio!  

Habbio UK have changed the way we think about what’s underneath our bottoms by producing the UK’s ‘most sustainable sofa’. Habbio was born in 2020 – stemming from a Derbyshire-based family who have hand-made sofas for 70 years. And now they have reinvented their production process, to make them just as comfortable and affordable, but good for the planet.  

You have to start somewhere to build a Sustainability DNA and we believe Habbio are doing the right thing to get there. Their furniture is 100% recyclable and currently made from 85% recycled materials. Accepting there is room for improvement is a key feature of their purpose-led ambition to become completely circular. And what does that mean?  

Circularity ensures products do no harm. Habbio use eco-friendly materials and make a strong effort to keep furniture out of landfills (they’ll even collect a non-Habbio sofa to recycle and repurpose). Designed for life and only made by craftspeople in the UK, Habbio’s awesome collection of comfy, affordable and do-good sofas must be considered in your interior design plans.  

We are definitely looking forward to keeping an eye on their movements and mission to produce the world’s most sustainable sofa. 

Sofa so good, we reckon! 

By Bertie Bateman

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