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Snacking, sustainable agriculture and startups

10 May, 2024

Are Mars bars the world’s newest hero in the fight for sustainable agriculture? Mars Snacking, famous for chocolate treats, has teamed up with Unreasonable Group – a business dedicated to connecting impactful growth-stage companies with investors, mentors, and partners to profitably solve global issues – to launch Unreasonable Food. This ambitious initiative aims to refine global food systems to be more regenerative, equitable, and inclusive, addressing the pressing challenges of sustainability in agriculture.

Over 25% of global GHG emissions are linked to food production, processing, and packaging. Unreasonable Food plans to end this. By leveraging Mars Snacking’s vast resources and household name, alongside Unreasonable’s entrepreneurial network across various food solution companies, this partnership is uniquely positioned to drive significant social and environmental change.

The collaboration will focus on several transformative areas: advancing regenerative and biodynamic agriculture, improving food supply chain transparency, and developing sustainable packaging solutions. These efforts aim not only to reduce the carbon footprint associated with food production but also to enhance the livelihoods of farmers globally. Examples of companies that could benefit from this initiative include Air Protein, which uses new technology to convert elements in the air into protein, and LandScan, providing soil and crop insights that allow for precision agriculture optimising inputs while maximizing yields and reducing impacts on local soil health and global climate.

This isn’t Unreasonable Group’s only collaboration. Pearson and Accenture have teamed up to create Unreasonable FUTURE, aiming to align cutting-edge technologies with the future of inclusive work and social equity. They will create an ecosystem of investors, policymakers, executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to ensure breakthroughs in the digital era and job transformation don’t leave anyone behind.

These initiatives provide an exciting example of how large corporations can use their resources and influence to tackle a wide range of global challenges.

By Nia Vines

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