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7 May, 2021

Businesses’ responsibility starts at home, by managing the direct social and environmental impacts. But brands also influence consumer behaviour and the behaviour of other brands too, and this is often where their biggest opportunities for creating good are found.  

This week, we’ve seen two companies taking advantage of this and use their platform to start new conversations about the things that are important to them.

The first is BrewGooder, a brewery fighting for clean water whose good work we are partial to after work on a Friday. It announced that it will be launching a podcast to tell the stories of inspiring people and brands that have put people and planet at the heart of what they do, called Founded on Purpose. We are expecting many insightful conversations, particularly for those considering embarking on their own purpose-driven venture. If you think there’s anyone who needs to have their voice heard, you can let BrewGooder know here.

Second, the menstrual and incontinence-proof underwear company, Modibodi, has launched a new policy entitling its employees to paid leave explicitly for menstruation, menopause and miscarriage. It doesn’t make sense for people to work when they’re going through considerable physical and emotional suffering, but the taboo around women’s reproductive health results in  an estimated nine days of total lost productivity per year. Formalising this in its HR policy shows employees that they take this seriously and the company is encouraging its customers to start similar conversations with their employers with the ambition of normalising these conversations.

Promoting your own good work is one thing, but supporting others to do the same is where big impact can be created.

By Patrick Bapty

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