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28 October, 2022

COP27 kicks off in Sharm El-Sheikh in November. This year’s event marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and from a UK perspective, the final hurrah for Alok Sharma.

After the fanfare of COP26, some of the momentum appears to have disappeared, and there is less corporate interest and engagement with COP27 than there was with COP26. This is likely to be partly due to business focus on other pressing issues such as the cost-of-living crisis and the war in Ukraine. However, the narrative for COP27 is more focused on governments and intra-country discussions and negotiations, rather than those involving civil (including business) society more broadly.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. There are still opportunities to participate in discussions around the event, both in-person and virtually. Our friends at Tortoise will be on the ground in Sharm el Sheikh reporting from COP27 and hosting ThinkIns at the New York Times Climate Hub. These will cover a range of interesting topics, including the future of dairy, single-use plastics, adaptation lessons from the Global South, as well as a post-event debrief.

If you would like to attend any of their events virtually, use the code GOODBUSINESSGUEST for free access via their website. You can also sign up via the New York Times website if you wish to attend in person. We’re looking forward to dialling in – hope to see some of you there!

By Miriam Shovel

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