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The Big Picture

2 September, 2022

When we think about ways we can engage people in sustainability, infographics can be indispensable. Data around climate change in particular can be complex and overwhelming, leading to vital messages not breaking through to the mainstream. Vital information that could spur action and create change. 

The IPCC Sixth Assessment report, which is the most recent assessment of the impacts of climate change and our current capacity to adapt to these impacts, is a staggering 3,068 pages long. Although this level of detail and rigour is essential, it’s an insurmountable obstacle for most people. So, we were pleased to come across an independent summary of their conclusions. This highly visual and concise summary sets out what the IPCC does and condenses the report into one big infographic, translating the key data in a visually engaging and much more accessible format.

To create change, people need to be able to build from a foundation of understanding of these issues. If something as important as the IPCC report can be translated into something a lot easier to digest then there’s a much better chance that people will engage with it.

We’re constantly bombarded with data and information and it’s difficult to decide where we focus our attention. Infographics can provide an overview of a situation that can be grasped in a second and help contribute to a greater democratisation of information. We’d highly recommend this infographic as a primer on climate change, to share far and wide with friends, family and colleagues.

By Jessie Smith

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