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The Goods: Charity Super.Mkt

3 February, 2023

If you love planet friendly shopping, or if you just love a good bargain, we’ve got some great news for you. The recent surge in popularity of second-hand clothes shopping has led to the opening of a mega charity shop, known as Charity Super.Mkt, the first of its kind in the UK. 

Located in Brent Cross in north London and featuring a curated collection of clothing from 10 of the UK’s best charity retailers, this second-hand shopping mall is poignantly located inside the old Topshop store which has been sitting empty since closing two years ago. The negative impact of fast fashion is no secret, with retailers, like Topshop, regularly coming under fire for the harm they cause, from facilitating poor worker conditions to encouraging overconsumption with everchanging trends. 

Change is on the horizon in the fashion industry, with more and more retailers making concerted efforts to improve their ways, including incorporating sales of second-hand fashion. But while these changes among fashion retailers are welcome, charity shopping has even more benefits. On top of being good for the planet, it’s also good for people and your pocket, something that’s becoming increasingly important as the cost-of-living crisis looms. And at Good Business we love a good deal that works for everyone. 

The bad news is that this second-hand hub is only a pop-up, running until the end of February. So, get in quick while you can, and we hope to see charity superstores like this pop up more often in the future. 

By Lucy Bell

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