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The Goods: Emissions on the (Co)Go

18 February, 2022

We all know that the way we spend our money has a climate impact, and that different products are more carbon intensive than others… But has knowing that ever really influenced the way you spend your money?

Enter CoGo, an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) business, that’s on a mission to provide real time emissions data to consumers and businesses in a bid to fill in the knowledge gap. Its three solutions also provide very helpful tips and tricks to help consumers better manage their impact and make more climate friendly decisions. Who ever said a little ethical nudging was a no-go?!

Our clients at NatWest launched a partnership with the organisation a few months ago, allowing customers to track the emissions of their purchases easily through the NatWest app. And the results are impressive, with the pilot showing that on average, a customers saved 11 tonnes of CO2e just by using the app and committing to lower carbon behaviour choices.

And even if you aren’t a NatWest customer, you can download the CoGo free-to-use app. It provides a carbon emission factor for each purchase, helping you get to grips with the carbon footprint of your spending and try to better manage it on your own!

At Good Business, we love CoGo: not only do they believe in using the purchasing power of individuals to transform business and create positive change, but they also use a scalable model with rigorous data and creative behaviour change techniques to empower us to make sustainable choices.

Game changer.

By Marie Guérinet

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