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The Goods: Game changer

23 September, 2022

If you’re not ready to give up your Friday night burger, but are looking for a more sustainable alternative – this week’s Good could be the answer. Wild and Game provides responsibly sourced game meat from the British countryside direct to your door.  

The number of deer across the UK are estimated to be at the highest level in the last 1,000 years. Although they can be a marvellous sight (particularly for us city-folk), if left unchecked, high deer numbers can cause devastating effects to local countryside. Deer can affect the health of trees, cereal crops and destroy the habitats of woodland birds, and many farmers believe culling deer and pheasants is a necessary part of countryside management and protecting plant species. When game meat is sold as food rather than left to go to waste, the resultant carbon emissions are only a quarter of that of beef. Meats sold by Wild and Game are also reared over land where flora and ground cover are encouraged and managed which benefits ecosystems.  

There are also many health benefits to alternative game meats over farmed meats. Game meat is much leaner and lower in fat, with greater nutritional value, than farmed meat. Wild animals have also enjoyed a varied, wild diet which give the meat a fuller, more complex flavour as well as being free from hormones and other additives. So, if you are not ready to give up meat for good, try Wild and Game while they are offering 70% off your first subscription box

By Ashleigh Werner

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