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The Goods: Mermaid Gin

5 November, 2021

This week, we kick off our COP-themed The Goods section with a great net zero product that we’ve worked on, Mermaid Gin. 

Mermaid Gin is produced by the Isle of Wight Distillery, using rock samphire harvested on the island and with provenance at its heart. The focus on sustainability shines through with the packaging, which includes sustainably sourced cork, compostable seals, and is plastic free. Meanwhile, the distillery has committed to net zero by reducing emissions associated with its products, and is already offsetting its emissions through a mix of projects that includes seagrass. 

It’s great to see the distillery pushing for sea change to support the protection and expansion of seagrass meadows. Seagrass is a powerful but often overlooked climate solution. As well as creating a habitat for a huge density of species, it can store up to twice as much carbon than terrestrial forests for the same area. But it is threatened and already 29% of the earth’s seagrass ecosystems have been lost already.  

Gin that promotes the protection of seagrass? We’ll cheers to that! 

By Patrick Bapty

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