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The Goods: Paws-itively Brilliant

22 October, 2021

A recent study has confirmed that people are reducing their meat intake to combat climate change. This is brilliant news. But what about the amount of meat eaten by our pets?

We know pets are good for us; they can lower our blood pressure, boost our immune systems, and support our mental health. So it’s no wonder that over three million households bought a new furry friend to keep them company through the covid pandemic and beyond. However, owning a pet (especially a dog or cat) is less good for the planet. In particular, pet food is resource-intensive to produce, with global greenhouse gas emissions from cat and dog food equivalent to those of the 60th highest emitting country.

Luckily, some innovative pet food brands such as Lovebug are finding ways to create lower-carbon high-protein pet food: insects! Lovebug uses insect protein to create a nutritionally-complete cat food, which is a great source of amino acids, micronutrients, and taurine. This process uses 80% less land than beef farming. Even better, it fights food waste, as the insects are fed on a diet of surplus plants and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away. The cat food comes in fully recyclable and compostable packaging, and the bugs are grown on a farm powered by 100% renewable electricity. We think Lovebug cat food will be purr-fect for your favourite feline, so go ahead and give it a try!

By Miriam Shovel

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