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The Goods: Sleep on it

27 January, 2023

During the cold, grey start to the new year, many gloomy Brits look forward to a sunny, summer holiday. It is known as “Sunshine Saturday”, the day when the UK travel industry gears up for the biggest day of holiday bookings in the year. So it seems like a good moment to think about how you can make your 2023 travel plans more sustainable.

Rail travel is much better for the environment, producing on average just 16% of the CO2 emissions released during a flight. Sleeper trains are making a comeback and the new sleeper train from London to Berlin, launching on 25 May 2023, will allow Londoners to get to the German capital in just 16 hours while sleeping on the European sleeper service.

If you have no choice but to fly, look out for the “Green choices” label on some search results which help you identify flights that have less than average emissions. You may want to look at choosing a sustainable city to visit such as Zurich, Bristol or Copenhagen where local authorities focus on circular economies to create sustainable transport, involve local business and protect their wildlife.

Finally, consider how you can reduce your impact as a tourist. Using public transport instead of renting a car and walking or cycling whilst sightseeing can be a great way to take in the scenery and attractions. You may see that slowing down your tour can be quite enjoyable.

It’s time to start enjoying the journey as much as the destination and ensure we consider our impact on the planet while we explore it.

By Ashleigh Werner

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